R & D Committee

The institution has planned to establish a research centre named as “St. Mary’s Research Centre” under JNTUK, which will be established in the St. Mary’s Women’s campus once the institution gets the approval.

R & D Committee Members


S.No                     Member Name                                             Designation                                                 Department

1.                      Dr. B.V.S.T. Sai                                          Professor & Principal                                           CSE

2.                     Dr. T. Rajavardhan                                    Assoc Professor                                                    S&H

3.                     Dr. V. Satyanarayana                                Professor                                                                MBA

4.                     Mr. G. Raviteja                                          Asst. Professor                                                        CSE

5.                     Mrs. A. Latha                                             Assoc Professor & Dean                                       CSE

6.                     Mr. G. Purna Krishna                               Assoc Professor                                                     ECE

7.                     Mr. K.S.T. Sai                                             Assoc Professor                                                       ECE

8.                    Mr. B. Narayana                                         Asst. Professor                                                        S&H

9.                    Mr. Subhani Shaik                                     Assoc Professor                                                      CSE

10.                  Mr. P. Mahesh                                            Asst. Professor                                                         S&H


i. To establish collaboration with other universities, public and private sectors and identify R &D projects including consultancy services which could be undertaken at the institution.

ii. To promote research in various departments of the Institute.

iii. To ensure smooth functioning and effective management of R&D at the institution.


A. The committee shall promote research and development activities by motivating students and members of faculty for publishing research papers.

B. Motivating them to get patents for their works.

C. To organize regular seminars and workshops on emerging trends and technologies with a special focus on innovations.

D. To organize regular industrial trainings for the students commensurate with market needs.

E. To organize regular industrial visits for the students.

F. To organize conference on innovations every year.

G. To support the faculty in applying for research projects under various government funding agencies like AICTE, UGC, CSIR, DST etc.

H. R & D Committee invites guest lecturers (Scientist/ Professor) under Industry Institute-Interaction program to promote research on industry needs and assigns senior and experienced faculty to various research organizations for getting collaborative projects and adopting best practices.

I. R & D Committee proposes the institute to update the existing laboratories with additional experimental setups/ instruments and technology for utilizing the labs for research activity.