Canteen / Hostel Committee

Creation of the committee:

This committee is formed for the smooth functioning of the Hostel and Canteen.


  • Act as a bridge between the administration, caterers, hostel authorities on one side and the students on the other.
  • Facilitate the addressing of issues that the students have and communicate the same to the concerned authorities.

Selection Procedure:

The faculty and students gives their choice for acting as coordinators in the Canteen/Hostel Committee. Based on the choice given by the faculty and students, the College Academic Committee and in consultation with Heads of the Departments select the coordinators.

 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To see that the Canteen services to students / staff are good.
  • To fix the rates for the items served in the Canteen and to maintain cleanliness in the Canteen.
  • To plan and monitor the maintenance of all the infrastructure facilities concerned with the Hostel
  • To supervise all facilities/amenities and their up keep, receive complaints from students redress of grievances etc.
  • To control, counsel the behaviour of students in the hostel, Monitor study schedules and patterns, etc.
  • To plan for all the infrastructure facilities required as per Responsible for proper maintenance of the lodging and boarding Facilities of the hostel and for smooth running of the hostel Responsible for the receipts and the payments of the hostel.
  • To supervise, take steps for the maintenance of canteen facilities with hygiene
  • To maintain and control the quality of food supplied in the canteen
  • To modernize the canteen equipment and cooking procedures
  • To control and make suggestions to the canteen management
  • To plan for all the infrastructure facilities required as per norms

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