Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE):

Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) is one of the fastest growing field of engineering courses. It involves the transmission of information across the channel.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) compiles in Communication Engineering and core Electronics Engineering.
Engineers make the world a better place; they take a fuzzy idea and turn it into something real.
They use math and science to solve problems and create new products and services. As an electrical and computer engineer you will work at the heart of the most rapidly developing technology humankind has ever seen.

The Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) program prepares you for a wide range of engineering study and career options, including business, biomedical engineering, computer hardware, the aerospace industry, computer software, nanoelectronic chips, photonics, nanoengineering, robotics and solar energy harvesting and distribution.

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To emerge as a premier centre in electronics and communication engineering with scientific pursuits and focusing on human values and professional ethics.


* To prepare students in the fundamentals of Electronics & Communication Engineering subjects by providing good academic environment in their pursuit for successful career.
* To inculcate inter personal skills , team work, professional ethics ,IPR and regulatory issues in students to improve their employability and promoting leadership in the changing global environment.

ECE Department lab

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